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Your reservation:
When you make a reservation, you guarantee that you are legally competent and of legal age and that you accept the conditions stated here on your behalf and possibly on behalf of a third party. Your reservation with MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung becomes valid the moment the booking is confirmed. Your contract with MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung is based on Spanish law and is subject to local jurisdiction.

Price of the booked holiday home:
The prices on the website are updated and replace and / or cancel any other price. Prices may change during the year. The rental price includes the corresponding IVA. We remind you that at the moment of booking, a deposit must be paid within a week, usually up to 20% of the total amount. The payment modalities are explicitly listed in each confirmation. Payments to be made on arrival on site will only be charged in cash and will be accepted in the local currency (euros). MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung does not accept card payments of any kind.

Changes to your booking:

If you would like to make changes to the same after confirming your booking, such as changing the day of departure, or would prefer to book a different holiday home etc., please note that any change is dependent on availability and MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung will do its best to accommodate your needs. Please also note that there are cases in which changes cannot be made. Every change request or rebooking must be communicated in writing to MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung by the person who made the booking. In the event of a change of holiday home, we will consider your first booking to be canceled and the cancellation fees will be the same as in the paragraph “If you cancel your holiday”.

If you cancel your vacation:

If you want to cancel your already booked vacation, we ask you to send the cancellation in writing to MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung. The following cancellation fees apply

- Up to 49 days before departure, 10% of the total amount is due

- 30% of the total amount is due up to 35 days before departure

- 80% of the total amount is due up to 21 days before departure

- afterwards and in the event of no-show: 100% of the total amount is due

Corona-related cancellations must be requested in writing from

If we cancel your vacation:
MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung reserves the right to cancel your booking at any time. In the unlikely event that we will cancel your booking for whatever reason and / or for reasons beyond our control, such as the renovation of a holiday home, failure of the main utility, construction work in the vicinity of the holiday home, etc. we will do everything possible to offer you alternative accommodation with similar conditions, if alternatives are available. If the alternatives offered by MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung do not meet your requirements, we will reimburse you for the amount paid to date, which makes the booking effective. The purchase of flight tickets, the rental of a vehicle and any other reservation that was not made through MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung is completely beyond the conditions set out by MallorcaOasen and will therefore not be refunded by us.

Force majeure:
In the event of war, terrorism, insurrection, economic disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, adverse meteorological conditions, epidemics, pandemics / epidemics or any other unforeseeable circumstances that could be regarded as force majeure, MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung does not see itself in the Obligation to pay damages if doing so requires us to cancel or change your booking.

If you complain:
Should you have any complaint or problem during your stay, please contact us immediately (0034) 651 993 284. Only complaints that you raise immediately during your stay will be recognized as valid. In the case of technical problems (e.g. no water, no electricity or other) we will send our technicians or an authorized person to fix the problem. In some areas there may be power or water cuts for which we cannot be held responsible as they are beyond our control.

Please note that if we have a 24/7 telephone customer service, it does not mean that we also have a 24/7 maintenance service. All so-called non-emergencies will be resolved as quickly as possible.

In so-called emergencies in which we have to access external technicians, we are not responsible due to their working hours, workload or waiting times for material procurement, as this is also classified under “force majeure”. Thus there is no possibility of compensation against MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung if we tried to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.


Description of the holiday home:
The descriptions and information of the properties that appear on the website were written personally by our staff, who previously viewed the property. However, changes may have been made without our knowledge. In this case, we will do our best to inform you of any changes as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for the irregularities that are beyond our knowledge. Please also note that in no case more people than are specified in the description on our website may stay overnight in the properties.


Construction work:
In the case of neighboring construction work on the rented holiday property, the tenant has to inform MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung about this so that we can try to stop the work. If this is not possible for us and the construction noise affects your vacation, MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung will offer you an alternative depending on availability. Since construction work falls under “force majeure” and is not the responsibility of MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung, there is no possibility of compensation.

Vehicle rental:

Please note that it is essential to have a vehicle to travel to most of our holiday homes. MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung is not responsible for the booking of the same.

Children's safety:
Please make sure that the safety and observation of your children is always guaranteed by an adult, especially on balconies, near swimming pools, on stairs and the like. MallorcaOasen - vacation rentals cannot be held responsible in the event of accidents.


Disabled travelers:

MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung does not specialize in offering holiday stays for the disabled. Many of the domiciles are not set up or prepared to accommodate the disabled. Therefore, we ask you to contact us before booking so that we can inform you exactly about the domicile to see whether it can be adapted to your possibilities.

Baby beds and high chairs:

If you need a cot or a high chair for your baby / ies during your stay, we ask you to indicate this in the booking. You will not be charged for this service.

Insects / animals:

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ants, and other insects are endemic to warmer areas, especially rural areas. Many holiday properties from MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung are surrounded by gardens and swimming pools, so that mice, rats and other rodents may be encountered. You may also come across farm animals in the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, dogs and cats running freely can of course be in the area.

The kitchens contain kitchen utensils, cutlery and dishes. The presence of an oven, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. should be checked in advance on or clarified in writing.

Cleaning service:
The cleaning service of MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung includes the preparation of the house on the day of your arrival. Please note that beach towels are not provided in every property and that in this case beach towels must be brought by you.


Arrival and departure times:

For all holiday properties from Mallorca Oasen - Ferienvermietung our arrival times are from 4 p.m. and the departure times at 10 a.m., as we have to prepare the properties for the next guest. The arrival and departure times are to be discussed in advance with MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung, as these can vary depending on arrival or departure from the airport or ferries and we try to adapt to this.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your ID or passport and that of all fellow travelers are valid, as well as any other document that you must carry with you when traveling.

Health and safety:

If you or any of your fellow travelers are pregnant or suffer from any illness, we advise you to discuss your health with your doctor before your trip, as we take your health very seriously. In the event that you should lose an item of value during your stay due to theft or the like, we advise you to contact the local police immediately and report the theft.

Swimming pool, garden and maintenance:

The maintenance of our holiday homes is the responsibility of the owner or the responsible staff. The gardens should be maintained regularly and therefore it is impossible to do so only on the days when there is a change of guests. The swimming pools are usually maintained 1-2 times a week. You should note that the maintenance of both the swimming pool and the garden cannot be carried out at fixed times and it can therefore be difficult to give you an exact time in advance. We ask for your understanding when our staff visits your holiday home, but this is the only way we can offer our guests a certain standard so that you can feel completely at home on your well-deserved vacation with us.



Many houses have a safe. If you want to make sure that the house you want to book has a safe, please contact MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung before booking. The use of the safes (if available) is free of charge, which is why no complaints will be accepted in the event of theft.

If the description of the house says there is satellite TV, it doesn't include pay TV channels.

Telephones and Internet:
As a rule, there is no telephone in the holiday homes, unless it is in the house description. We therefore advise you to carry a cell phone with you in case of emergency. Most of the holiday homes of MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung have Internet and WiFi. Due to the infrastructure and / or the increased number of holidaymakers on Mallorca, internet fluctuations or internet overloads can occasionally occur. sees itself outside of liability, as this also falls under the aspect of "force majeure". Some properties from MallorcaOasen - Ferienvermietung are used exclusively for holiday purposes in the months (April to October). For bookings outside of these months, the guest should ask us separately about internet usage.

Most of our holiday homes are owned by private individuals and are furnished to their taste. Therefore, every house is different in style, construction and furnishings. We do our best to provide you with a detailed description of the house. This also includes pictures of the inside and the outside areas of the holiday properties, which may also be a little different because the decoration can always be redesigned.



Apartado de correos nº 128

07630 Campos / Mallorca

Illes Balears

Mobile / Whatsapp: 0034 650 342 923


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