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2011-04-10 Mallorca - Ses Salines - with
2013-06-23 Mallorca - Colonia - Sant Jua

That's us: Uli and Gabi and we warmly welcome you to MallorcaOasen.


This is how it all started:


About 15 years ago we happened to find an advertising postcard in the form of a message in a bottle in our mailbox in Germany with the message: "Ready for the island???"


Since this dream had been slumbering in our minds for years and was always being pushed ahead of us, this postcard was a very special omen for us and so we finally made the necessary preparations for the long-awaited emigration to Mallorca.

In the first few years we first got a foothold and got to know the island, the people, culture and mentality, and then it was clear to us that we had made the right decision.

But we also had another dream, and now it was time to realize it,  :

In all our previous vacation trips we always had the feeling that we were unfortunately just a "number". We always lacked the personality and a certain attention that we would have wished for as guests from time to time.

It was our dream from now on to give other holiday guests our personal attention, which we had always missed, and from now on every holiday maker should just go on holiday the way we had always wanted.

Our special message in a bottle has always accompanied us faithfully over the years and is now a synonym for all holidaymakers who are finally "ready for the island" after a hard year of work.

We have now also fulfilled our second dream and wish you wonderful and unforgettable holidays in our idyllicMallorcaOasen.


Gabi & Uli

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