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Mallorca Oasen

Ready for the island ???

Mallorcan gourmet package

"Mallorcan gourmet package"


Who mallorca has already discovered for himself, he also loves his culinary delicacies.

And we would like to spoil you with these appetizing delicacies at home and shorten the waiting time for your next well-deserved vacation.

That's why we send and give you typical Majorcan specialties directly from the region, such as B. local olives, delicious wine or the well-known Iberico ham. Let yourself be surprised!


When booking in one of MallorcaOasen Holiday homes offered with an arrival date up to June 30th, 2023 will receive a selection of Mallorcan delicacies delivered directly to your home as a thank you. For this purpose, your binding booking must be received by us by May 31, 2023 and confirmed by us.       


With the booking confirmation you will receive a binding voucher for your gourmet package */**. On the day of departure, you will receive the delivery dates on which we will send your packages from Mallorca by presenting this voucher. This voucher is valid for 12 months and the delivery of the gourmet packages is valid for 1 year.


*Gourmet package A: with a total overnight price of 1.000,-- euros or more you get every 6Months a surprise package with selected Majorcan delicacies.

**Gourmet package B: with a total overnight stay price of 1,500 euros or more, you will receive a surprise package with selected Mallorcan delicacies every 3 months.


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